Section 12B Solar Investments

Invest in solar operators and projects for massive tax savings and credits. 

Welcome to our innovative solar investment opportunity, designed for South African investors seeking to leverage the renewable energy sector. Our program taps into the growing demand for sustainable energy solutions, offering a chance to invest in a market with long-term predictable yields. By combining the stable returns of the solar sector with significant tax benefits under Section 12B of the Income Tax Act, our investment program stands as a promising option for those looking to contribute to the energy transition while gaining financial advantages.


What We Offer

Our Tax-Deductible Solar Investment offers an attractive proposition for investors. Through Section 12B, investors can claim a 125% tax deduction on their investment, significantly reducing their taxable income and capital gains tax liability. This unique investment model not only provides exposure to a growing and vital industry but also offers substantial tax benefits, making it an appealing option for those in the top tax bracket. The program is designed to be low-risk, with the aim of completely de-risking investors by the end of the second year through a combination of SARS refunds and cash inflows

How Solar Tax Credits Work

Investment & Deductions

Investors contribute to the fund, which is used to finance solar projects. The investment qualifies for a 125% tax deduction under Section 12B, offering significant tax savings.


Debt Funding

In 2024, we plan to introduce debt funding at a maximum of 34% of funds under management, allowing for additional tax benefits and further reducing the risk for investors.

Tax Refunds & Cash Flow

Investors receive substantial tax refunds from SARS in the first year and additional refunds through debt funding. The combination of these refunds and the projected cash flow aims to equal the total investment value by the end of the second year, thereby de-risking the investment.

Ongoing Savings

The investment targets consistent annual yields paid to investors over a 10-year period, providing long-term financial benefits.

Benefits of Tax-Deductible Solar Investments

Significant Tax Savings

A unique opportunity to reduce taxable income substantially.

Stable Long-Term Yields

Predictable returns in a growing sector.

Low-Risk Investment

Measures in place to de-risk the investment by the end of year two.

Support Renewable Energy

Contribute to the transition towards sustainable energy sources.

Economic Contribution

Investment in solar energy supports local economies and job creation.

Diversified Investments

Spread across multiple solar projects to mitigate individual project risks

Solar Investment FAQs

How does the tax deduction under Section 12B work?

Investors can claim a 125% tax deduction on their investment under Section 12B, significantly reducing their taxable income and potentially their capital gains tax liability.

What is the expected ROI?

The investment aims to generate consistent annual yields over a period of 10 years, providing long-term financial benefits to the investors.

What happens if a solar project does not start producing electricity in the investment year?

Our investment strategy is meticulously designed to mitigate deployment risk. We only commit to projects that can be executed within the year of investment, ensuring that investors are eligible for the tax deduction in the year the solar project starts producing electricity. This approach significantly reduces the risk associated with project delays or non-starters.

What risk mitigation strategies are in place?

The investment includes thorough due diligence and credit checks on each energy consumer or project owner, diversification across multiple projects, and debt funding to reduce investor risk.

Who can invest in solar projects?

The program is open to South African taxpayers, including individuals and organizations, looking to invest in renewable energy while benefiting from the tax advantages offered under Section 12B. It’s particularly appealing to those in higher tax brackets seeking to reduce their taxable income.

How is the investment protected against non-payment by energy consumers?

To safeguard the investment, we conduct an in-depth due diligence and credit check on each energy consumer or project owner. This rigorous assessment ensures the financial stability and reliability of the parties involved in the solar projects. Additionally, diversifying the investment across multiple projects further mitigates the risk of non-payment, ensuring a stable and secure return on investment for our clients

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Discover the potential of solar investment with our Tax-Deductible Solar Investment program. This opportunity not only offers significant tax benefits but also aligns with a growing, sustainable industry. Apply today to learn how you can participate in this low-risk investment, contribute to the renewable energy transition, and enjoy long-term financial returns. Let’s power the future together with smart, sustainable investments! Apply below!