Buildings in South Africa have less than one year left to acquire Energy Performance Certificates or they will have hefty fines of up to R5 million and potentially 5 years of jail time. Buildings will need to apply for and obtain the certificates by 7 December 2022 to avoid penalties. 

The regulation requires the following types of buildings to obtain an EPC:

  • Offices 
  • Entertainment centres
  • Educational institutions
  • Community and sport centres 

Government buildings over 1000 square metres or privately-owned buildings over 2000 square metres are obligated to comply with the EPC regulations. 

Benefits of an Energy Performance Certificate

Complying with these regulations will afford businesses the opportunity to identify aspects of their buildings that could be made more energy efficient. This in turn can save money over time by reducing energy consumption costs. 

By making a building more energy efficient through a solar power system, building owners increase the value of their buildings exponentially. Thus, they can demand a higher asking price when selling or yield higher office rentals when letting. 

Installing a solar power system in a building can reduce the pressure on the national grid because it is more energy efficient and thus reduces the likelihood of load shedding. Should load shedding happen, depending on which type of solar power system has been installed, the effects of load shedding can be mitigated and productivity/services will not be disrupted. 

Consuming less energy can also contribute to reducing South Africa’s carbon emissions and thus take further steps towards combating climate change. 

How to get an EPC 

Once you have applied for an EPC, the building will be rated with a score between A and G for energy efficiency. The EPC must be prominently displayed in the buildings foyer once issued. 

There are penalties on the cards for businesses with EPC ratings below A but the main goal is to make building owners aware of their energy consumption and the need to make changes to be more energy efficient. Buildings are responsible for up to 40% of all carbon emissions worldwide, so the EPC is a great step towards working to reduce carbon emissions in South Africa through more energy efficient buildings.

To find out more about how your building can apply, visit the SANEDI website. If your business needs to improve its energy efficiency rating prior to application, please browse through the types of solar power systems available and get in touch with us for  a quote.