As solar power becomes are more popular choice for businesses and homes across South Africa, the first port of call for anyone interested in investing in a solar power system is choosing the right one for the job. There are 3 main types of solar power systems which we’ll explore below:

  • Grid-tied (or on-grid)
  • Off-grid
  • Hybrid


A grid-tied or on-grid solar power system is exactly what it sounds like…a solar power system connected to the main electricity grid. A grid-tied system is the most common solar system in South Africa with the majority of businesses and homes opting for this fuss-free system. The system stores power it generates from the solar panels and feeds the energy through to appliances and lights.

When a surplus of energy is generated, this is stored in the main grid and if you have a smart meter, you will usually receive a refund for supplying the grid with excess power. If there is low yield and the system cannot cope with demand, it’ll switch over to the main grid.


An off-grid system is completely disconnected from the main electricity grid and relies wholly on the system to generate enough electricity for the required load. The massive batteries and inverters required for this type of system to run make it unsuitable for businesses or homes in urban areas. This system is only feasible in rural areas without sufficient access to the main grid.


A hybrid system operates in a similar fashion to the grid-tied system with the difference being the hybrid system has batteries to store the excess power. This excess power will be used in times of load-shedding or low yield, reducing your reliance on the main grid by up to 95% depending on your location. This is becoming a very popular system in South Africa with massive savings seen within a few years, recouping the initial setup costs quickly.

Solar energy really is the way to go for businesses tired of being reliant on the expensive and unreliable power grid in South Africa. If you need help selecting a system or want more information on the types of solar power systems right for your business, enquire about our systems today and our installers will be in contact with you.