As load-shedding forges ahead, with the threat of even more serious rolling blackouts to hit in 2022 and electricity tariffs set to be hiked up by over 20%, more South Africans are looking into alternative sources of power.

Solar power is regarded as one of the best alternative energy sources available to homes and business, especially in sunny South Africa. While the initial investment to set up the solar system can be pricey, the long-terms returns are well worth it.

Photovoltaic panels, or solar panels, are installed on the roof of a building and use energy from the sun to power your home or business. This is achieved by sending the power collected to your inverter which in turn, charges the system’s batteries. The batteries are connected to your mains and feed power through to your building.

Benefits of solar power:

  • As the costs of electricity continue to rise, the cost of solar power decreases
  • Solar panels increase the value of your home or building
  • Your business is eligible for tax deductions from SARS
  • The initial installation cost is recouped in a few years and then the serious savings begin
  • You will still have power during load shedding or power cuts, this is especially vital for businesses who cannot afford to lose time during work hours
  • There is no need for a noisy generator that creates pollution, solar power is clean power.
  • During times of low yield, your solar power system is connected to the main grid, so you will never be without power, even if the battery drains.

The benefits of solar power systems are endless for both homes and business. Avoid paying the ridiculously high electricity tariffs going forward and stay productive during rolling blackouts. Enquire about a suitable solar power system today.